03 January 2011

Celebrating the Season!

We have spent a wonderful week celebrating the Christmas Season with Andrew home from work and tons of fun family time!  We spent quiet days at home enjoying movie and books and food as well as fun adventures in Indy and around town.

Of course, PeterXavier's idea of Heaven is permission to scale the walls!
Christopher did a great job, outclimbing both of his parents!
We spent one lovely afternoon ice skating with friends.
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Once the snow melted, we headed indoors to make festive marshmallow snow men!

And today, it was back to the old grind.  Daddy headed back to work while the kids and I broke out the school books.  It is nice to get back to routines, but the freedom of break is always missed!


Ben Hatke said...

I love seeing those stout lads on the climbing wall.

Sarah said...

Oh an,Ben We ere thinking of you the whole time we were there! You would have loved it! Maybe if you have time when you are here in the spring we can all go.

Ben Hatke said...

That's so funny! we broke open the school books today for the first time too. Um. . . we took monday to clean the house. Yikes. :)


lovin all the photos